• Steven Nunez

Assignment 3: Analogue/Metaphor

Updated: Feb 26

I photographed a moment of man who looked sleep deprived in a creative studio complex in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. He told me he records his music in the studio until 3 A.M. and Ubers home. He gets free studio time from offering his service of mix and mastering tracks that publishing studio is working on.

Paying for studio as an upcoming artist can be expensive especially when you don't have a big budget. I can tell from the dark circles of his eyes he's been up late often, putting in work in the studio. The photograph was taken in the stairway of the creative studio complex.

"He is a night owl." is the metaphor that would best describe this current moment. In creating my own analogy of this portrait. I constructed a photograph of an owl on a wire of a utility pole. I was inspired to construct an image on a utility pole wires from reading about Japanese traffic lights in the Russian Blues section. There was interesting information of Japan's definition of blue.

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