• Steven Nunez

Assignment 2: Subverting Space

Updated: Feb 26

Throughout my process in research, I realized how using basic shapes can create illusionary space when put together in creating a three dimensional object. For example, the "Under Construction" PDF file showed a lot of cubes within cubes that have different colors within each other. Below I took inspiration and made one for myself but with pyramids and using different patterns. I used a variety of color and distance between shapes.

When reading Baudrillard's story about Holograms it made me realize how far we've come with technology. In music, creatives made virtual artists through technology and made them come to life through holograms. One virtual artist that performs as a hologram is Hatsune Miku, a virtual pop star who was the first to performs at Coachella. This type of genre is known as Vocaloid, a singing voice synthesizer product that's often combined with holograms for live performances.

I notice through my everyday life there maybe unintentional things in the real world that subverts the normal cognitive cues, creating an illusionary space. Today I stood up from my desk and looked at my broken ceiling. The lights are dangling from the ceiling and made realize this is something special. Below are my photos of my ceiling. Staring into the plate-like lightbulb-thing brings an illusion of how out of place it is.

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