• Steven Nunez

Week 10 Final Project Progress

I want to explore street photography with a twist of a sci-fi like theme. This project will be consist of street photography of Chicago and representing it in a futuristic way using post production.

Using a method of collaging, mixing different areas of Chicago into something new will give a new perspective. This project will involve a lot of experimenting and having fun in creating a new atmosphere. I'm personally inspired from movies like Blade Runner and Tron.

I recently found this Instagram account that makes work similar to what I want to create for project. The user name @anotherchicago makes great work and gives me a good idea things I can do for this project.

The work I created below is the tone I want to give through out the project. I like the dark black of the night mixed with the city lights. To take this a step further I want to edit the sky with some futuristic planets or stars. I also want to edit the city and collage it with other parts of Chicago or edit objects into the images like ads or neon lights.

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