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Constructed Image Final Project

This series of data-rich images challenge the way we view Chicago's nightlife from it's color, neon-electrical feeling and symbolism that we're familiar with seeing in our daily lives. What drove this project was inspiration from futuristic movies and videos games along with thinking about how our current world would be in a parallel universe.

My approach to this project was thinking about how I can use the architecture that already exist and give it a twist to give a new look that we are not familiar with seeing in person. I took the aspect of color into account as well, using the same color scheme as blue, green and purple through this series gave an artificial feeling. I chose the colors because they work well together and reference a cyber-type of aura. I used my knowledge in post production as best as I could to edit these images to achieve a futuristic atmosphere. I currently visualize the final form of this project of various images throughout downtown Chicago that are related to each other from it's color, architecture and time of day.

My main mediums employed in making this project was my Canon 1 DX Mark ii with a 50mm lenses along with using Adobe Photoshop. The audience for my work are people who follow me on social media. I've been sharing my work online and received good feedback. I want my viewers to feel connected and inspire imagination. The only concern from my project is the historical aspect of including the pandemic references in my series. It was intentional to make people feel that this could happen in another universe as well.


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