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What Stevensjpeg has Accomplished at the Age of 21

Today I turned 22 years old and I realized how much I've grown as a small business. Transitioning through a pandemic from working as a photographer for company's such as the Columbia Chronicle, Pep Rally Takeover and SocialWorks to going solo; being where I'm at right now makes me feel like I can go all the way to fulfill my dreams as music photographer.

It at all started when I had the opportunity to work for the Rolling Stone. It felt like a big moment where I really had to show the world who I was and that I'm here to stay. I never had an experience working for a major publication but I knew I was ready for it.

Shortly after Lollapalooza, I had the opportunity to work on Lyrical Lemonade's media team for their Summer Smash festival. This was a first time experience working on a media team for a festival. I'm glad it was with a company I grew up with and with a owner who I look up to.

In the beginning of my senior year of college, I had the opportunity to become an independent contractor with Soho House Chicago as a photographer. It's been a fun experience getting to know the members and shooting a variety of events.

As I'm currently finishing my last semester at Columbia College Chicago for my bachelor's in photography, I had the opportunity to be a house photographer at the Chicago Theatre for The Madison Square Garden Company. It's surreal to be working for one of Chicago's most iconic venues.

I'm glad that I'm spending my last year in college working for Soho House Chicago and The Madison Square Garden Company. I hope to grow with them and grow my business to a national scale. I want to be known in my country for my photography and my contributions to the music industry.

My goals at the age of 22 is finish my undergrad, shoot festivals and go on tour. At this time in my life, what I care about the most is to make that next big step in career as a music photographer. I truly believe going on tour with an artist is whats next in my career.


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